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Egerszalók - the curing salt hill

Egerszalók is a popular holiday resort 5 km from Eger between the Mátra and Bükk mountains. The genuine sights of Egerszalók are the thermal spring rushing up from the depth of the earth on the southern part of the village and the limestone hill created by water flowing down, which has become known under the name salt hill during the years. The medicinal water highly rich in 65-68 C◦ mineral substances continuously builds the indented white formations that provide an impressive spectacle.
The medicinal water with calcium-magnesium hydrogen carbonate, containing also sodium, in which meta silicic acid content is also significant, has been classified one of the best in the category of sulphuric medicinal waters. During the years the limestone hill has become the symbol and trademark of the vicinity. Natural formations similar to the spectacle unique in Europe can be found only on two places all over the world, at Pamukale in Turkey and in the Yosemite National Park in the United States of America.

In 1992 the Ministry of Health qualified the thermal water of Egerszalók as medicinal water. On the basis of its composition, the water can be ranked among mineral waters with calcium-magnesium hydrogen carbonate, which has significant sulphur content as well. Calcium reduces inflammation; sulphur is an important constituent of articular cartilage. The water contains 30 trace elementsof which 12 are biologically indispensable, 7 produce generally favourable impact and 11 have unknown impact.
Its mildly acid character makes it possible to take the waters for a long time because it does not solve the acid surface of the skin. It is suitable, among others, for curing arteriosclerosis, bone injuries, articular and rheumatic complaints, for after-treatment of spine diseases, nervous system diseases – neuralgia and neuritis, disturbances in metabolism (gout, psoriasis, diabetes) and locomotor disorders, disturbances of the autonomic nervous system, articular alterations of connective tissue and skin diseases, sterility, bleeding disorders and locomotor operations. In the form of drinking cure, it is suitable for treating overweight, bilious complaints and gastric acid problems.

In the direct vicinity of the real estates to be sold, since 2007 Saliris Resort Medicinal and Wellness Spa has been pleased to receive guests who intend to have a rest and be cured. The spa built at the foot of the special terraced limestone formation created by water flowing down from the hillside, the diverse high standard therapeutic and wellness services represent a unique offer of the region. At the facility having 1,900 m2 water surface, a total of 17 outdoor and indoor pools are installed. Sitting pools with medicinal water, bubble bath, experience pools, children’s pools and slide, saunas, fitness room provide each age group with possibilities for having a good time. In the medicinal department of the spa complex health examination and several kind of treatment packages are available.
In the three pools of the Nostalgia Bath we can experience the atmosphere of the 70s and 80s. The medicinal water is hard, fluoride, sulphuric thermal water with medium dissolved substance content, calcium-sodium-hydrogen carbonate character, which has significant free carbonic acid and meta silicic acid content. According to balneological analyses, the water is 18-20 000 years old.
The well: the first well was bored in 1961 while searching for crude oil and natural gas. Instead of oil, on approx. 405-410 meters 65 degrees centigrade hot thermal waters were found. In 1969, the first 6 m diameter pool was built. The second well was bored in 1987, from which 68 degrees centigrade hot thermal waters rushed up from 426 m depth. The wells operate under the authority of the Egerszalóki Gyógyforrást Üzemeltető Kft.The water flowing down the hillside built 1200 square area spectacular limestone deposit, which is unique in Europe. The salt hill is under local protection it can be accessed on the promenade built after construction of the bath.


It is the county-seat of Heves county and the most significant centre of tourism in the northern region. It is a significant educational and cultural centre; the second largest basilica of Hungary, the Basilica of Eger is located here; it has numerous world famous museums and monuments, of which the Castle of Eger should be highlighted. As the centre of the wine region of Eger it belongs to the most significant wine-growers; Bull’s Blood of Eger is one of the wines that are known abroad as well.

Eger is in outstanding position also in the field of bath culture; here we should note the Thermal Bath, the Turkish Bath with authentic atmosphere, and one of the most beautiful indoor swimming-pools of the country, designed by Imre Makovecz, built near to medicinal springs.
The centres of the settlements Eger and Egerszalók are 7.6 km from each other, which distance can be covered by car in merely 12 minutes.

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There are few settlements that contrary to their small size preserve so many gifts of nature and human spirit as Szilvásvárad. The Bükk Mountains offer unlimited richness of sights for people who intend to have a rest, hike where visitors can freely enjoy the wonderful environment, fresh and clean air, tranquillity.

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